Флоат камеры и капсулы для флоатинга. Производство, сервис

Wireframe Prefabricated Float Tank ZEN FLOAT TENT

Стоимость 150 000 руб.
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Возможные опции

Hydrogen peroxide autodosing station (active oxygen)

Every day in the evening after floating sessions, you need to add 30% hydrogen peroxide solution to the water. We can automate this process. And a special pump will do it daily instead of you at the set interval.

Underwater vacuum cleaner to collect debris from the bottom of the float bath

At the end of the day after the sessions, float camera has a sediment at the bottom which is not captured by filtration system. The easiest way to assemble it - with a manual underwater vacuum cleaner on batteries. It will collect sediment through his filter bag, and you will pour the water and salt back into the floating bath


Любой вопрос по флоат-камерам:

Wireframe Prefabricated Float Camera

The body of the float camera - tarpaulin, frame - stainless steel.

Dimensions: 241cm * 121cm * 162cm

Weight - 50 kg
Weight with salt solution - 1000 kg
Capacity 706 Liters
Maximum power consumption of equipment - 1.8 kW
Floor load - up to 450 kg / m2

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