Флоат камеры и капсулы для флоатинга. Производство, сервис

Float Bath Zero

Float bath

Сharacteristics in brief:
Fiberglass bathtub for floating.

Zero M dimensions:  230cm * 135cm * 35cm

Zero XL dimensions: 250cm * 170cm * 50cm

Zero XXL dimensions: 250cm * 200cm * 50cm

The ZERO Float Camera model from Float Spa Technology is a set of composite bath kit and a set of floating equipment.

Price 700 000 rur
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Float camera Sense

Float camera

Сharacteristics in brief:
Fiberglass body of float camera.

Sense M dimensions: 235cm * 135cm * 195cm

Sense XL dimensions: 250cm * 170cm * 210cm

Sense XXL dimensions: 250cm * 200cm * 210cm

Designed for further exterior decoration with panels.
Country of origin: Russia

Price 950 000 rur
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Floating capsule SHELL

Float Capsule

Dimensions: 260/165/145 cm (L / W / H)

Electrics: 220V, 50Hz

Weight of empty capsule: 300 kg. Weight with water and salt: 1350 kg. Salt weight: 500 kg

Country of Origin: Russia

Price 1 200 000 rur
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Float Capsule Dreampod

Float Capsule


MAXI - 262/177/132 cm, weight - 275 kg, volume - 700 l, salt - 600 kg

MINI - 249/149/128 cm, weight - 190 kg, volume - 500 l, salt - 375 kg

Country of Origin: Singapore

Price 3 670 800 rur
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Dry floating MedSim

"Dry" immersion floating bath
Zero Gravity Modeling System

Internal dimensions: 2100х1100х950 mm
External dimensions: 2750x1300x950 mm
The height of the water column: at least 700 mm
Weight with equipment: 270 kg
Weight with water and user: 2100 kg

Price 2 300 000 rur
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Float camera is a special bathtub with a soundproof cover filled with salt water to a height of about 30 cm. The water is heated to body temperature. You completely lose tactile sensations and seem you soar in zero gravity when immersed in water with this level and this temperature. Considering that the float camera is soundproof and lightproof and you stay in complete darkness then you can talk about “turning off” all the senses (or sensory deprivation). Sensory deprivation camera is the original name for floating camera, extant from that times when the beneficial effect of deprivation on the human body was discovered.

One of the most tangible effects: the feeling of weightlessness which gives floating encourages our body to produce pleasure hormones - endorphins, which naturally reduce pain impulses and accelerate various processes of regeneration and healing in the body, not to mention a simple feeling of happiness and contentment with the life that anybody needs at least occasionally.

floatin and sleeping

All people, both living in big cities and in provincial towns, almost constantly feel psychological pressure and stress. During a standard thirty-minute floating session the human body plunges into a borderline condition between sleep and wakefulness, similar to what is achieved sometimes in meditation after long training sessions. This condition allows you to get maximum recreation and gives an effect equal to a full deep 8-hour sleeping. Just remember your feelings after such a sleep - you seemed to “reboot” and feel renewal and liveliness. Floating camera not only presents such feelings, it provides a real effect, proven by numerous researchs over dozens years.

All major cities of Russia have float studios where you can try out this wonderful procedure. If you have a possibility and desire, floating room can be organized at home because the camera itself, equipment for it, and accessories have become affordable. It will not take a week from production to launch of the flotarium (unless, of course, you have to deliver components from Moscow to the Far East or USA).

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