Флоат камеры и капсулы для флоатинга. Производство, сервис

Floating capsule SHELL

Стоимость 690 000 руб.
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Underwater vacuum cleaner to collect debris from the bottom of the float bath

At the end of the day after the sessions, float camera has a sediment at the bottom which is not captured by filtration system. The easiest way to assemble it - with a manual underwater vacuum cleaner on batteries. It will collect sediment through his filter bag, and you will pour the water and salt back into the floating bath

Epsom salt, 500 kg

Other names: Epsom salt, magnesium sulfate MgSO4. To achieve the effect of zero gravity, 500-700 kg of Epsom salt is poured into the water of the float capsule. This is a bit more than 1 kg per liter of water. In addition to basic hydrogen peroxide disinfection, Epsom salt itself kills nearly all bacteria in water of float bath. Magnesium sulfate is supplied in bags 20-35 kg.

Подушка для флоатинга, устойчива к соли, гипоаллергенная

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